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Photo of Inspurrations Lukas, a Brown McTabby male, and his new best friend Leah, a Miniature Scotch Terrier! This BEAUTIFUL photo was taken by and credited to Loretta Diana Selby of Diana Photo Graphics (www.dianaphotographics.com). We are so happy that Loretta and Jack Selby adopted Lukas and are providing him with a wonderful, loving home! Many thanks to Loretta and Jack for taking great care of Lukas, and for providing this amazing picture and testimonial!

     When my wife, and I decided to raise pets again, we both wanted to make sure first, whether we were ready to handle, and properly care for them. She picked the breed of dog she wanted, a miniature scotch terrier, and named her Leah. I did some research on the web to find the breed of cat I wanted, and the Siberian cat met all of my requirements.
     Fortunately, I found Jackie’s website; “Inspurrations Cattery” and was glad to have made immediate contact with Jackie, the breeder, by e-mail. My wife and I went to meet the Siberian kitten I had picked through many pictures sent to us, fell in love with him and named him, Lukas the cat. We were very impressed with the way Jackie had her breeding environment for her cats set up in a clean, and practical setting right in her home. She was very informative about the proper caring of our new kitten, and kept very accurate up to date records on all of her kittens. We were able to arrange our scheduled pickup date for Lukas to come home with us, and to meet his new friend, Leah; the dog.

     On the first day of arriving home, Lukas was very timid of me, but he immediately took to my wife. My wife handled the introduction of the dog and cat, and within a short time, she was holding both of them together on her lap. By the next day, they were both playing together, and enjoying each others company.

     Now, I was a different story, because Lukas took a couple of days before he got to trust me, and let me hold him. Of course, I was the one who swept Lukas away from all of his siblings, mother, and Jackie, the breeder who provided his birth home, and tender loving care. 
I realized, anytime someone brings any pet home to an all new different environment, there is an adjustment period, but in a very short time we all became one big happy family.  Lukas is the most affectionate cat we've ever experienced and Lukas and Leah are the best of friends.  
                                                      Jack & Loretta Selby / Hometown, Pennsylvania

Note from Inspurrations: Always remember that kittens miss their mothers and siblings when they arrive at your home. They have been swooped away from the only environment they have ever known and placed in an unfamiliar, and scary (at first), world. It takes them all a few days to get comfortable with everyone and settle in. Be patient and understanding. Get down on their level, talk in a gentle voice, keep the noises down at first, engage them in play. Give them all of the love and attention they deserve, as well as a little time and space. You will soon have a PURRFECT kitten to love and cherish!

Inspurrations Marcolini! (aka Marco), Brown McTabby male, pictured in his new home in New York! As you can see, Marco has been getting all of the love and attention he deserves since the day he arrived (when he was placed next to his adorable stuffed friend with very similar markings for his first pictures)! These gorgeous photos and very sweet testimonial were sent in by, and credited to, NM of NY. Thank you so much for taking such great care of Marco and for all of the accolades!! We are thrilled Marco is with you, loved and I see has great structures to climb on!

First off, Jackie is just fantastic. She is both informative and caring, and will ALWAYS take the time out to answer your questions and make you feel at ease. She must exude the same calming and caring aura to her kittens, because Marcolini is (and i know everyone says this, but in this case it's true) the BEST kitten in the world. His 100% trusting personality makes it clear that he was extremely well loved and cared for. He is beautiful inside and out, and his personality is both loving and playful - perfection. His loud purr is the most soothing noise, and he's by far the best alarm clock - gentle yet to the point! :)

Bottom line: Jackie is the best of the best and Marco is a reflection of it. Thank you Jackie - Marco is a heart-stealer.
                                                                                           NM / New York

Inspurrations Katara! (also seen in our kitten photo section), is a Black McTabby with White female, and is pictured below in her new home in New York! .... where she is being properly spoiled, receiving all the love and attention she can handle! Katara is providing a family that has allergies with a wonderful pet, that may not have been possible otherwise! We are so happy that Kelly and her family are taking such wonderful care of Katara and send our sincere thanks for giving Katara a wonderful life..........and for this gorgeous picture and complimentary testimonial! She is growing into such a beautiful girl!

Hi Jackie,

My son and I are allergic to cats and have had not even a minor reaction.  Katara sleeps with me and cuddles right up to my face and licks me.  Not even a sniffle.  She is truly hypoallergenic.‪​
Katara's personality is beyond what I expected.   She is very loving and affectionate.  I am very happy with her and can't imagine life without her. Thanks so much for doing such a great job with her.  She is a wonderful addition to our family.  
Kelly - NY
P.S.  My vet was very taken with Katara.  He wasn't too familiar with Siberians.  After he met her the first time, he researched them and recommended one for his own sister.

Inspurrations Briggsy! (also shown as a baby on our kitten photo pages), is a handsome Red McTabby male pictured below both alone, and with one of his loving owners, Arianna, waking up with her in the morning! These Purrfect photos were taken by and credited to Rhonda Mordy. We are so happy that the Mordy family is taking such amazing care of Briggsy! Many thanks to all of you and for these wonderful photos and great testimonial!

Hello from the Mordy's & Briggsy!   
Hi Jackie,      
     Think of you often & have been meaning to download lots of cute photos in the camera and send you a note....but accomplished neither- yipes!  Sorry!!  (Life crazy busy with end of school year activities.)       
     Here's are a few sweet pics of "Briggsy" from our computer camera. (These don't show his typical super happy face & gentle, fun nature.) Briggsy is the BEST kitten ever!!  We so love him!!  He's got so much personality, very people oriented & big friends with Buddie (our cockapoo.)  They play all day & nap together.  If Buddie is in his cage, Briggsy will go over to him & lay down/put his paw on top of Buddie's!  They are amazingly fun together.  In fact, Buddie is a lot calmer with Briggsy around. Briggsy is very friendly and a wonderful addition to our family.       
     Everyone loves him!!  We've had absolutely no complaints, issues or concerns with him and no problems of any type!! The vet said he was in great health & gorgeous.  All of the staff are crazy about him! He really is just PURRFECT!! We feel so lucky he's our baby!
Have a great summer!  
Rhonda Mordy 

Inspurrations Eli! (also shown as a baby on our kitten photo pages), is a Black/Brown McTabby male, with wonderful looks! Eli, as you will read below, is also providing someone with allergies a purrfect dog like pet! I greatly appreciate Jill and Erik taking such excellent care of Eli, and the very sweet testimonial! It is clear that Eli is loved!

     Eli is by far, the best, most affectionate cat I have ever owned. I have had cats and been a cat lover all my life. When I moved in with my boyfriend Erik, who was highly allergic to cats, I knew I needed to figure something out. I did some research and stumbled upon the Russian Siberian Breed. I reached out to numerous breeders that were up to a 10 hours away from us. Jackie was one of the quickest to respond and was very helpful. We asked if we could visit to test Erik’s allergies and she was very accommodating.
     During the wait before we could bring Eli home, which seemed like forever, Jackie kept in close communication with us, sending us tons of pictures of our soon to be sweetie, Eli, and constant updates on how he was doing.  When we went to pick up Eli, Jackie explained to us what to expect, that Eli may be shy and timid the first couple days, as he will miss his mother, and how to change his food. She gave us Eli’s health records and explained what the next steps were.
     He had been vaccinated with Distemper, Rhinotracheitis and Calicivirus. As well as being checked for worms. We took him to the vet to get him his last distemper shot as well as other vaccinations and checked him for Rhinotracheitis, Calicivirus, Rabies, Panleukopenia, and Chlamydophila. We also did full blood work to check for other things such as AIDS, his results came back clean. We also had a stool sample checked for worms, which also came back clean. The vet said he was one healthy, handsome, growing kitty!
     Eli is now such a playful, energetic, curious kitten. He is also the most affectionate cat I have ever owned! He has numerous dog like traits such as he greets us a the door, comes when called, follows us around the house, he constantly needs to be in the same room as us, plays fetch with his favorite toy (the springs), sleeps in bed with us every night, loves a good belly rub, loves car rides, and needs to be a part of what ever activity you are doing.  I love the fact that every night, Eli comes and curls up on my chest or snuggles up next to me in bed. Which is then, of course, followed by a good belly rubbing with lots of purring until his purrs slowly fade out and he falls asleep.
     Erik has always been a dog lover, but Eli has changed his mind. I am very happy to report that Erik is always playing and cuddling up with Eli and has had no allergic reactions to him. This is great news because normally Erik just entering a house that owns a cat will set off an allergic reaction. (it also means we can get another kitty!) 
     We just wanted to say Thank You Jackie for introducing us to our sweetheart, Eli!  
                                                                               Erik and Jill Bassett – Connecticut


Inspurrations Teddy! (also shown as a baby on our kitten photo pages), is a great looking Black McTabby with White male pictured below both alone, and with two of his loving owners, Nicole and Emily! These amazing photos were taken by and credited to Nicole Greenstein. We are so thrilled that Teddy is so loved and adored by his wonderful family! Many thanks to all of you for giving him such a Purrfect life, and to Nicole for these gorgeous photos and such a sweet testimonial! Teddy is also providing a family who has allergies with a loving pet!

Our family has always loved cats. When we tried to get a cat several years ago, however, my father was extremely allergic. After that experience we were very hesitant to get another cat; that is, until we found out about Siberians being less allergenic than other cats. We contacted Jackie, and she was extremely helpful in answering any questions we had. She kept us up to date with countless pictures of our kitten, Teddy, and even personalized the e-mails with cute captions. Jackie is so amazing – she helped us feel at ease and helped us prepare to bring Teddy home. Jackie is so sweet – both to her cats and to her customers!

Teddy is the perfect kitten. He is so affectionate – every night he comes onto my bed to cuddle. I wake up to find Teddy resting against my cheek or my arm, purring loudly. He is also extremely playful! Whenever anyone starts to walk towards one of his toys, Teddy beats you to it; he makes a running dash for his toys, and waits eagerly to play. As you can see in this picture, Teddy even helps me write up my essays on the computer! Everyone comments on his gorgeous looks and his sweet, playful personality. Most importantly, though, my father isn’t allergic to Teddy, so we will be able to love Teddy for many years to come! Thank you Jackie – Teddy has stolen our hearts and he is everything that we could have asked for.

Nicole Greenstein / Maryland

Click here to see the Dec 2010 Holiday video of Inspurrations Teddy / Greenstein Family!

Inspurrations Maxwell (formerly known as Misha on the Kitten Photos 1 page) is a beautiful Cream Silver McTabby male. He has been in his new home in MA with the McNeily family, where he is loved and cherished...........as every cat should be! :) He is also helping someone with allergies have a kitty of her dreams, sneeze free! We appreciate the McNeily family taking such amazing care of Maxwell and sending us these beautiful pictures (credited to Linda McNeily) and this wonderful testimonial!

Maxwell will be 7 months old on Sept. 22nd.  He weighs 9 lbs and is a very strong boy.  We are having lots of fun with him.  He loves to sit in the sink and play with the water from the faucet.  He loves to drink it, and paw at it and stick his head directly under it.  He is really funny to watch!  Attached are some recent photos.  You can see how much he has grown!

He loves to sit on the back of a chair or the couch right next to my head.  That seems to be where he likes to sleep too…right next to my head.  He really loves to cuddle with all of us.  And of course he greets us at the door every night.  He is very lovable and very smart!  My allergies seem to be a thing of the past!  No itchy eyes and no runny nose….it is truly amazing!

Congratulations on your recent marriage!  I loved the photo on your website!  You are a beautiful bride!  I wish you all the best!

Take care,
Linda / MA

Inspurrations Lila (formerly Lillianna on the Kitten Photos 1 page), is a beautiful Black Silver McTabby female. She is a fan of sports (baseball and water!), of art (music) and, well a little gambling :). The Castle family has provided her with an extremely loving home, with both human and dog companions that she loves to play with. We appreciate the Castle family providing a loving home for Lila and sending in these sweet and funny testimonial and pictures (pictures credited to Sally Castle).

Hello Jackie,  
Congratulations on your wedding. I cant believe our baby girl is 6 months old today! It has been so fabulous. What a difference she has made in our home. She really thinks she is one of the "dogs". Currently we are all sitting on the couch. The dogs on either side of me, Lila on the back of the couch resting on my shoulder purring so loud you can hear her across the room! She is simply amazing! She is so smart. And absolutely beautiful. When we went looking for a cat we told you what we wanted and you helped up pick out which Momma cat would most likely produce a kitten for our needs. You definitely succeeded! Lila is absolutely the purrfect cat for us. We fell in love the minute we picked her up from you, and it hasn't stopped. She is so fun to have around. She sits in front of the TV and tries to help the red sox by trying to catch the ball. She tries to help wash dishes and wants to help us brush our teeth, because she loves to play in the water!  I really just cant thank you enough for our wonderful girl. Someday we may want to get another baby from you. You have amazing cats!  
Sally / MA

Picture update of Inspurrations Lila, pictured at 7 months old! Still loving water........and looking strikingly more and more like her mother Lollita every day!!

Inspurrations Kyra (formerly known as Chloe on the "kittens for sale" page) is a Black Silver McTorbie female who is now in her new home in PA. Kyra is a very cute little girl, as you can clearly see in the absolutely adorable pictures below (taken by and credited to Tracy Giles)! We are so thankful to Tracy for giving Kyra so much love and happiness! You can surely see what a content, spoiled girl Kyra is! We thank you so much for this great testimonial and these wonderful pictures, Tracy!


I am sure you hear this all the time but Kyra is the best cat in the world! I fell in love with her immediately. She is so playful and sweet and has such a great personality. I have to admit in the past I was not much of a cat person but had heard about Siberians and how unique a breed they are, I than began to research the breed and stumbled upon your site and after seeing the pictures and reading the testimonials I decided I HAD to have one. She loves to snuggle and play, she takes up most of my pillow at night but I love having her close so I settle for the corner :). You have been so helpful in answering all my questions and I could not be happier. Thank you so much!  

Tracy Giles

Inspurrations Mimi (formerly known as Sunny on the Kitten Photos 1 page), is now living in NY with her new loving family! She is a gorgeous Blue Point and is pictured below with her new bird friend, Paulie (pretty amazing!) as well as pictured by herself looking as pretty as can be (pictures taken by and credited to Connie from NY)! Thank you so much, Connie, for giving Mimi such a purrfect, wonderful home filled with love and for sending in these great pictures and testimonial!
Hi Jackie,
Just want to let you know that Mimi is doing great.  She is growing longer, and taller. Mimi has brought so much love and joy to my house.
Mimi is good with the bird, Paulie. She loves standing below the cage when Paulie takes a bath.  Paulie is loud and hisses at Mimi when she gets too close, which kept her away for now.
Mimi is so smart, and will come when called. She waits at the door (most to the time) when we come home. She is such a beautiful, affectionate and smart girl. She still attacks toes though! or anything that moves under the blanket.
I can't thank you enough for Mimi. We love her more everyday.
Connie - NY

Inspurrations Sammy (Samantha on the "kitten photos 1" page), is a gorgeous Silver McTabby and is living in her loving home in Ohio. Sammy is providing the opportunity for someone with severe allergies to have a loyal, furry companion! The beautiful photos below were taken by and credited to Jen and Rob Smith. Thank you both so much for the wonderful testimonail, photos and for always giving Sammy all the love and attention she deserves!

Hey! How are you doing?

Just wanted to send you a couple pictures of Sammy. We just moved over the weekend to a new house and she did great!!!!!!! All of our friends and family kept telling us horror stories of moving their cats and how long it took for them to get adjusted. We were a little worried, but quickly relieved right away. Rob brought her over the first night we were staying and we had a lot of friends over at the same time. She walked right in and started looking everywhere and quickly settled in on a chair in the living room. Over the past few days she has loved sitting in the windows and watching all the people and cars outside.

Sammy is such a loving cat and we can only attribute that to you and how you raise your cats. So THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH!!! We get compliments all the time about how beautiful and loving she is. She loves to be in the middle of everything. We recently got her spayed a few weeks ago and everyone at the vet was in awe of her. They had never seen such a wonderful cat and were asking so many questions, even other people with their pets at the vet were admiring Sammy.

We are so happy we have her and can't imagine not having her in our life.

Thank you!
Rob & Jen Smith - Ohio

Inspurrations Waffle and Inspurrations Muffin (pictured on the "kittens for sale" page) are adorable Black/Brown Silver McTabby females that are living in their new nurturing home in NJ. We are so happy that Waffle and Muffin were able to go to their forever homes together. Waffle and Muffin are providing loving companions to a family who has visitors with allergies who wouldn't be able to visit otherwise. These extremely cute photos were taken by and credited to Cindy and Allen in NJ. We very much appreciate these photos, the wonderful testimonial and we are thankful that your whole family is taking such loving care of these little cuties!
Dear Jackie,  
I thought it appropriate to send you a letter to update you on our wonderful kittens. We have much to be thankful for this holiday season. In past years, we have had many great cats but none compare to Waffle and Muffin. From day one they have been sweet gentle animals who want nothing more that a little playtime, affection and to lie in your lap when they are tired. We discovered if you brush them with a soft bristle pet brush they purr so loud it sounds like an idling Mac Truck!  
The reason of our purchase of these hypoallergenic cats was for extended family members who are asthmatic and allergic to cats. So far so good! Of course, you must put family first but to be able to put them first and still be able to have a pet makes all the difference in the world to our immediate family. Now knowing the Siberian breed, I will never own a different breed. They are far easier then other breeds and really do have that dog like quality of wanting to be with their owners all the time, the lack of shedding and loving disposition.  
Jackie, I wanted to thank you again for sending us our weekly photos and updates. Our whole family, from my husband to me and the boys all loved looking at the pictures daily while we waited for them to arrive. However, nothing compared to the real thing. We would also like to say thank you for answering all of our question, of which I know there were many!;o) We promise to keep you updated as time goes on.  
1 Dad, 1 Mom, 2 boys and 2 very furry girls! - Montville, NJ

Inspurrations Tobi (pictured on the "Kitten Photos 1" page as Obi), is a gorgeous Blue/White Tabby male and is pictured below in his loving home in PA! It makes us so happy to know that Tobi is with such a loving family.....giving him the best of care! The photos below were taken by and credited to Joanne in PA. Thank you so much for this wonderful testimonial and beautiful pictures!
Hi Jackie,
I just wanted to write you and let you know how much Tobi means to us. It's hard to believe he is already a year old. He is such a lovable teddy bear. Every morning when I get up he is right there for my first cup of coffee and his morning lap. Then the kisses he gives with no thought in his head at all to just how scratchy his tongue is!!! He is very generous with kisses to all family members. He is extremely lovable, I never met such a sweet natured soul. He is a beautiful cat who now weighs in at close to 12 lbs. Thanks so much for such a great kitty!
Joanne - PA

Inspurrations Luke (Red McTabby male) and Inspurrations Delilah (Black McTorbie female) (pictured on the "Kitten Photos 1" page as Luke and Maggie), are two beautiful babies, pictured below in their new loving home in NY! We are thrilled that these kitties are with such a wonderful family and that all of you are having so much fun! The sweet picture below was taken by and credited to Lauren in NY. Thank you so much for sending such a great testimonial and picture, and for taking such great care of these babies!
Hello Jackie,  
I thought you might like an update on the beautiful Luke and Delilah, now with me almost 1 year.  
Luke is huge. My son Jason introduces him to his friends as "my pet whale, Luke". He is the most loving, sweet creature in existence. The greatest compliment we give to anyone now is that they are "like Luke". He is never irritable. He also thinks he is dog and our family joke is that he is the size of a golden retriever, with a personality to match. He fetches and carries his toys around the house in his mouth. He (and Delilah) greet us at the door with great enthusiasm. He is actually the color of a golden retriever so the comparison seems apt.  
Delilah is a spunky, fun sweetheart. She is especially attached to my husband and sits on his lap the minute he comes home. She loves to sit at the windowsill and watch the outside. If it snows or rains she is particularly fascinated. She loves to play and has many games she makes up, really she is creative! She and Luke play hide-and-seek and it is really hilarious because they think they are hidden but they are not - they will hide the front of themselves under a chair say, but their entire back part of the body and tail are showing!  
We really love them and I feel very grateful to you for providing us with such wonderful animals.  
Hope all is well and your cattery is going well.  

Inspurrations Merlin (pictured on the "Kitten Photos 1" page as Elvis), is a very handsome boy, and is pictured below in his loving home in PA! Merlin is providing someone with allergies the chance to have a kitty to love and hold without sniffles or sneezes! We are so happy that Merlin is being so well taken care of, and taking care of his family in return! The picture below was taken by and credited to Kim R of Yardley, PA. Thank you so much for this amazing testimonial and photo!
Hi Jackie,
Merlin is great, thanks for asking. :)  I tell everyone I have the best cat in the history of cats.  He was never once destructive as a kitten, never uses his nails for damaging furniture, always wants to sit on laps/be petted and has just an overall awesome temperament..  Are all your kittens that way?  If so, you breed the BEST kittens!  
I'm attaching a super cute picture I took w/ my camera phone of Merlin the other morning when he came to wake me up. 

Re my husbands allergies - It's INSANE, I still remember that after an hour of holding the kitten he felt fine, so he said "okay this is the real test, ready?" and he proceeded to take his hand and RUB his eyes (I cringed because I know what that normally does to him).. At my parents house, if he did this, in about 5 minutes his eyes would be practically shut ... but he had no reaction to Merlin! Its been a long time now and he's still 100 % FINE.  No sniffly, no red eyes, NOTHING.   I think it's pretty safe to say he's not allergic at all! :) :)
Kim R. - Yardley, PA
Merlin's 1st Birthday picture update!

Inspurrations Riley, also known as Armando on the "kitten photos 1" page, is a very handsome Cream McTabby male who has been "Caught in the Act" and featured on Tails Magazine! We are so proud of him! Thanks so much, Amy and Heather, for sending his photo in and for sending me this exciting update!! Please know that even if I haven't spoken to you in a few months, I never forget my kitties or the people they adopted!! :). Thank you so much for taking such wonderful care of, and spoiling, Riley!

Larger version of the photo featured in Tails Magazine
Hi, Jackie....Not sure if you remember me....I purchased Riley from you in April of 2009. He is doing wonderful and is the love of my life. I wanted to let you know that my daughter entered a photo contest that Tails Magazine has every year and Riley won for the Philadelphia Area and in the 'Caught in the Act' category. We won a mug with his picture on it and they publish it in the May edition of the magazine. I am not sure were to get a copy of the magazine but they do have it online to view. If you go to the following link:  http://www.tailsinc.com/index.php?body=view_article&id=119 you will be able to view the photo. It should be the first photo on the page.

So you will see on the webpage that it states Riley and then Heather Krut from Bensalem, PA. That is my daughter and our wonderful Riley from Inspurrations. It was Riley's first christmas and we were taking pictures while we opened gifts for him and he ended up playing with the boxes and the wrapping paper. Everyone gets a kick out of the fact that the wrapping paper has cats on it. Of course Riley's gifts had to be wrapped in the paper with cats on it. 

Riley has been such a joy to have in our household and he gets spoiled like any new baby of the family should be. Even my parents bring him a gift everytime they come to visit. Everyone just falls in love with him the second that they meet him. He makes everyone laugh with his silly ranting that he does, he walks around the house just talking away, about what, we have not figured that out yet.  He just loves to be with us, and is not a cat that runs and hides.  He greets all visitors right at the front door.

I just wanted to let you know about Riley winning the photo contest and how great he has been. Thanks again for a wonderful cat.

Amy Jenks

Inspurrations Dante, also seen on the Kitten photos 2 page, is a beautiful Black/Brown Silver McTabby boy who is living in his loving home in Ohio. Dante is a very lucky boy! Not only does he have a great family that loves and cherishes him, he lives in spring heaven!!!! (see pic at 10 months below!) :). The pictures below were taken by and credited to Mary Seibert. Thank you so much, Mary, for the wonderful photos and testimonial, and for taking such great care of Dante!

Dante at 4 months old!
Dante at 7 months old!
Dante at 10 months old!
Dante is such a furry, loving, affectionate, and dorky cat.  He has a 
fantastic personality and loves following us around and charming 
every visitor that comes through our door.  He is definitely working 
on giving his mother (Keli) a run for her money in the huge tail 
department and he LOVES the springs you suggested; he plays fetch 
with them regularly.  It is so amazing being able to own a cat 
without having to worry about my husband's allergies causing him to 
break out in hives, like he does with normal cats.  Dante even sleeps 
on his pillow, yet he has had no negative reaction whatsoever.  Thank 
you so much for giving us the opportunity to own such an amazing animal!

Thanks again!

Mary Seibert - Ohio

Inspurrations Abigail is a beautiful Black Silver McTabby female, also pictured on the "Kitten Photos 1" page. The pictures below were taken by, and credit to Chrissy Simpkin. Thanks so much, Chrissy, for the adorable pictures, the wonderful testimonial update and for taking such good care of that precious little girl! Tell Steven there is no such thing as spoiling a Siberian and that you are doing the right thing! :)
Hi Jackie,  

I know it's been a while and I wanted to touch base with you. Abigail is doing great! She has had all her shots and is at the vet right now getting spayed. I wanted to know if I should send you a copy of the statement from the vet or the original.  

What a joy she has been. She's 5 months and over 5 pounds now and is quite the "cuddle bug". She has to be snuggling with someone constantly, unless she's running around the house like a mad-woman. She loves on everyone and isn't the least bit skiddish. She snuggles into the crook of my arm and thinks shes a baby. Oddly enough she wraps her arms around a turtle plush we won at the fair and sleeps with it. She makes the cutest noises, Steven says she's spoiled rotten and it's all my fault....lol   Her favorite position to sleep in is dead on her back with both arms and legs stretched out ( she's obviously very trusting). Our friends and relatives can't say enough about her temperament and her beauty. Thank you again for all of your time and dedication, you brought true love to our lives and we can't thank you enough.  

Let me know about the paperwork when you get time  

Chrissy Simpkin 

Inspurrations Rocky and Inspurrations Pepper, Black Silver McTabby/White, also pictured on the "Kitten Photos 1" page, are developing into gorgeous adults as you can see from their pictures below! These really great photos were taken by and credited to Kim Myers. Thank you so much for this really cool testimonial/photos collage, and for loving those two beauties so much! I'm so glad they are bringing you and your family such happiness, and that you are keeping them so happy!

Inspurrations Simba, Cream Silver male, and Inspurrations Meeko, Black Silver McTabby (or is that a Black Silver McMonkey in the first kitten picture!! :) ), are both giving lots of love to someone with allergies!.....and getting lots of love back! They are both growing into beautiful cats! Simba is a big boy, weighing in at 13 pounds at 10 1/2 months! These pictures were taken by and credited to Dawn in NJ. Thank you so much for these funny and beautiful photos, and for the very sweet testimonial!
      We can't thank you enough for Meeko and Simba. They have brought so much joy into our lives. You have been very patient and willing to help with any and all questions we have had along the way both before and after we brought them home. You are a true professional!
     Meeko and Simba are so beautiful! Simba is a big huge fluff ball! He is very affectionate and loves to play and cuddle. Meeko is a little love and he is so smart! We love them both so much! We can't even imagine not having them in our little family! We are also happy to say that there has been little to no problems with allergies! Jimmy is able to bury his face right in their fur and there is no itching or burning eyes at all :) The two of them fight for prime spot on my pillow and sleep there all night. Jimmy wakes up in the morning without so much as a sniffle!  
Thanks again Jackie!  
Dawn and Jimmy
2010 Christmas picture update!
Meeko and Simba are Santa's little helpers!
Thank you, Dawn, for sending me this adorable holiday photo!

Dec 2010 Holiday Photo!
Inspurrations Max, also pictured on the Kitten Photo 1 page in the litter born 4/27/10, is Santa's little helper this Christmas! He is growing into a beautiful boy! This photo was taken by and credited to Kathy Clewell in PA, who is taking wonderful care of Max! Thanks so much, Kathy, for sharing this photo!

Inspurrations Emmett, also seen on the "Kittens for Sale" page in the litter born 9/13/10, is a very handsome and sweet Black Silver McTabby boy, who is living with his loving family in PA! He is giving all his love to a family with allergies, who could not otherwise have a pet! This very sweet testimonial, and adorable photos are credited to Roseann and Angela in PA. Thank you both so much for sending this, and for loving Emmett and giving him a wonderful home!

Hi Jackie!  
We just got back home from the vet with Emmett. The vet said that he was healthy and at the right weight and everything. Today he got the next shot according to the little paper you gave us. The nurses could not get enough of him!!!!! There were just stunned at how handsome he is!! They couldn't stop playing with him! Emmett is already so loving and affectionate! He is friendly to everyone he meets. He will fall asleep in any one's lap! And his purr is so loud and comforting! I swear before I even enter the room he is purring! Although Emmett is a little fuzzball he is seriously hypo-allergenic!!! Emmett has fulfilled everything we wanted in a cat...and more!! Out of all the breeders for Siberians we are so happy we picked you, Jackie! You have answered all of our questions and given us so much information. We have no regrets with you or Emmett! And you never know, Emmett may need another little kitty to play with soon! You obviously put so much time, effort and love into your kittens and cats. There are pictures attached. Thank you so much!  
Roseann and Angela

Inspurrations Mia, also seen on the Kitten Photos 1 page, used to be affectionately known as Mini Mia. She was a super tiny runt of the litter, or so we thought! She has grown into a beautiful, normal sized girl, pictured below at 11 months, and a year old! She is very well loved, as you will hear below. The photos are taken and credited to Theresa in NY. Thank you so much Theresa, for sending this wonderful testimonial, beautiful pictures and for taking such good care of her!

Dear Jackie, Since Mia is going to be a year old this week I wanted to tell you a little about her. She is awesome. Spoiled, bratty and she even throws hissy fits. But she is very loving and wants to be around us all the time. She jumps up on the desk and gets on the keyboard when I'm on the PC. Then she ends up in my lap until I get off the PC. When I sit down to watch TV she is on my lap kneading and then sleeping. She lays on my husband when he is on the couch. I had a hard time getting her to use the stairs, but now she plays on them and knocks her toys down the steps. I can usually find a few toys at the top of the stairs and a few at the bottom.

My husband still works and has to get up early. I'm retired so since we have the room we have separate bedrooms. She knows how to get his door open. He'll wait for her and when she opens the door he yells 'get out of here'. She tears down the hallway and then does it again. About the 3rd time instead of running down the hallway she runs into the room. When she gets in his room she gets right under the covers with him. She shares herself and also gets in my bed some nights and sleeps next to my head.
My husband has had no allergic reactions to her.    When we got Mia you thought she would only get to be around 7 pounds since she was the runt and you had to syringe feed her. The Vet agreed that she would only weigh 7 pounds. Well, Mia can no longer have the nickname 'Mini' in front of her name. She weights 9 and 1/2 pounds!!!!! My husband insults her by calling her 'Truck'. It must be all the treats he feeds her. She begs for the treats, he gives them to her and then tells me I spoil her.    
Mia helping me change a bed. 02/11/2011
She just has to lay on the keyboard while I'm on the PC. Picture taken 03/07/2011
Siberian Cats are very loving, and dog-like. Mia just loves to be held and petted. Mia even comes when my husband whistles for her.
We are so happy to have Mia.
Thank you so much for having such great cats that make so many people happy.
Theresa - Binghamton, New York

Inspurrations Maksim, also seen on the Kitten Photo 1 page in the litter born 5/14/10, sent his mom, Jarinka, this beautiful Mother's Day Card below! What a sweet boy he is for thinking of his mom on this special day! :). This testimonial was sent in and credited to Karen in PA as well! Thank you so much, Karen, for this great testimonial, beautiful photos and for taking great care of Maksim! He is growing into such a handsome boy!

Hi Jackie and Jarinka!

Maksim wanted to wish Jarinka a Happy Mother's Day and asked us to send her the attached Mother's Day card.
He is doing really well and we can't tell you how much we love having him as a member of our family!
Bryn refers to him as her fluffy little brother!
Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts for making our family complete.

With much gratitude,
Karen, Troy and Bryn Werley