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Inspurrations Nova, Golden Lynx Point, also seen in the litter born 5/21/13, is pictured as a kitten yet below but is growing into a gorgeous girl! She is true to her breed, both helping people with allergies and being as sweet, smart and fun as can be! Thanks so much, Sara, for sending in this happy, complimentary testimonial, for the adorable pics, and of course, for taking wonderful care of her!

Attached is a copy of Nova's spay certificate, and a few additional pictures for you to see how she is growing up. I get compliments on her looks from everyone who sees her. She is an absolutely beautiful, healthy kitten. The first time I brought her in to the vet for her check-up, the vet tech asked if he could take pictures of her on his cell phone. Another vet tech admitted to googling Siberian kitties on his break, and asked me about her unique coloring. 
I can't believe how fast she is growing and how big she is getting. She is now a little over 5 lbs at around the 5 month mark, and everyone comments on how long she is when she stretches out. She is also incredibly smart. She greets me at the door every time I come home, she knows how to sit on command, and if someone asks her "Are you hungry?" she will come running from any room in the house, meowing for food. This is a particularly useful trick when she is being mischievous. :) 
She is very loving and will climb into my arms for petting, purring non-stop. Every morning I wake up to her sleeping above my head. When my alarm goes off, she meows and purrs like crazy and jumps on me for petting. I absolutely adore her! We are still working on her being friendly towards other people. She will meet them at the door, but doesn't really like being touched/handled by them at this point. My only regret about getting her is that I didn't get another kitten for her to hang out with. I think she would love a friend. When she is around my boyfriend's cat, she follows her everywhere (much to the other cat's displeasure).
I've had Nova around my mom, sister, brother-in-law, and best friend, all of whom have severe cat allergies. They have all pet her, rubbed their eyes with their hands afterwards, and been around her for extended periods of time without any allergic reaction. I know that one of the reasons I chose to purchase a Siberian was because they were hypoallergenic, but I still questioned about whether or not this would actually be the case. I am so thrilled to say that she absolutely is! My mom and my brother-in-law both break out in hives and are unable to breath if they are in the same room as every other cat. With Nova they had no issues at all. We were all thoroughly impressed and thrilled.
Thank you so much for raising such an adorable, fun, loving kitten. She brightens my day every day, and I am constantly laughing at her antics. If you are looking for testimonials for your page, please feel free to include any part of this email. I would highly recommend your services to anyone.


Inspurrations Boris (aka Bobo!), formerly listed as "Bear" in the litter born 2/6/13, is growing into a handsome, big boy and making his humans very happy! Thanks so much, Katie and Shawn, for sending in these adorable photos and happy update, and for taking wonderful care of him! I am glad he is an entertaining, well loved part of your family!

Just thought you would like to see some pictures and hear an update about Boris. He is almost 9 lbs and approaching 7 months (my how time flies)! What a beautiful boy he is!!!
We absolutely love him to pieces and he has fully acclimated to life as our "fur child". He is loving, silly and SO smart. He snuggles up next to us all night and runs to the door when we come home and meows until we pick him up. He loves being carried around. We call him the noodle cat because he melts when you hold him.
We enjoy nightly games of fetch with his favorite toys (he loves those cat springs and crinkly foil balls), and he has become quite the ping pong player, batting it back and forth across the tile. He loves curling up for a nap on his cat tree and playing hide and seek in the cat tube we got for him. And he even jumps into the shower to play in the water after we get out - I have never seen a cat play with water the way he does, it's hilarious! He even drops his toys into his water bowl and then fishes them back out.
But, our most favorite thing (aside from kitty snuggles) is when he sits at the dinner table with us. He even has his own chair. He is truly a member of our family.
Many, many thanks for uniting us with our little man. We couldn't love him more.
I attached a few of our favorite pictures.
Katie, Shawn, & Boris (affectionately known as Bobo)

Inspurrations George, also seen in the litter born 9/9/12, is growing into a handsome, big boy and entertaining his loving humans! Thanks so much, Lisa, for sending in these adorable pics and for taking great care of George. I'm happy that all your concerns were unfounded and that he is a purrfect part of your family! :)

Hi Jackie, 
George has been doing great. It's hard to believe he'll be 1 year next week! I remember how worried I was that I wouldn't get a social, cuddly kitten- and I'm happy to say that was all for nothing.
George is incredibly friendly and loves to greet everyone at the door. He is always purring, even when getting his nails trimmed and while getting vaccinations! He's also very smart, and knows the commands "come" and "no" (which he'll listen to occasionally...) as well as "sit," "stay," and "up." We're working on "paw" now. I take him out on a leash with the dogs occasionally, which I'm sure is a spectacle due to him  being 3x bigger than my Pomeranians! He is currently at about 16 lbs! He also regularly goes to visit my parent's and their Poms since they're a little more playful than mine.
George is definitely a Siberian, and is constantly flopping onto his back for belly rubs or playtime. I'm not sure if it's typical or not, but he also loves to have his lips/nose rubbed which is pretty funny to watch. He plays like a dog- loves to wrestle, and yet is very careful never to bite down or scratch.
I'm so happy he has fit in so well, and I really appreciate all the time you took with me and my concerns in the beginning!
Thank you so much!
Lisa Kinch

Inspurrations Rosie, also seen in the litter born 2/6/13, is growing into an adorable girl! She is allowing someone with allergies to have a furry sweetheart and learning how to become a therapist! Thanks so much, Carol, for sending in this amazing update on her learning process, for the happy-all-around update and for the great photos! I am so happy she continues to be a wonderful and smart girl!

Hi Jackie!  
Here our a few pictures of our little Rose, Rosie, Rosalinda! She is such a love! She weighs about 5 1/2 pounds now and is beautiful. She has a BIG and fluffy tail that is hugely disproportionate to the rest of her. It’s quite a fashion accessory! And, she has the cutest ear tuffs ever! She is sooooo soft and cuddly and pretty.  
Her therapy cat training is going amazingly well. I crocheted a little blanket for her and we call it her “spot.” Although most of the time Rosie is a little rocket ricocheting of the wall or zooming around the house, when she is in her “spot,” she is the sweetest and most docile kitty ever. When I start taking her to nursing homes, we'll use the spot to put her on the laps of the residents and she’ll know that that is her time to be calm and peaceful! At nighttime, we put her on her spot and carry her upstairs. She stays on the spot all night!  
She fetches the little mylar balls and brings them to me. When she isn’t fetching, she chases the laser pointer and plays with peacock feathers. She purrs when we put her harness on, comes when she's called, rides on the console between my husband and me in the truck, and goes almost everywhere with me in a special pouch. She's been to Florida and back, stayed in hotels, played with dogs, other kitties and even bunnies. She loves looking out windows and playing with wand toys. We must have 3 dozen mylar balls hidden in the house. And, she still plays with the little mouse that has/had Milana's scent. Her favorite activity is to hide behind a chair and then to leap out at me with front paws out. She likes to pretend that she is invisible, but because of the tail, it doesn't really work. It sticks out no matter where she goes.  
On the fourth of July, we had a crowd over and everyone wanted to hold her. After an hour or so, I put her in the kitty room thinking it was too much for her and she meowed until I let her stay in the middle of things. “Social” just doesn't describe this furrball!  
Her voice is changing a bit. In addition to little squeeks and mews, she has added a "lite" hiss (when she first met Stella the dog), and a big and obvious meow when she mistakenly fell into the bath tub.  
I'm trying to break her of chewing on my arm.  I read somewhere that if I yell "Eeep" that will get her to stop and by George, it works. She immediately stops biting and begins licking.  
The very latest is that she is jumping on doors and trying to figure out how to turn the knob. People come over to visit and they just don’t believe it!  
And the best of all, I am allergy free!!!!  
Thanks so much for all you do. You make great kittens that make great pets and companions!
Carol Benner Doelp

Inspurrations Ozzie, also seen in the litter born 1/27/13, is growing into a handsome little man! He is also allowing people with allergies to hang out with a sweet, furry guy, sniffle free! Thanks so much, Colleen, for sending in this adorable photo and happy testimonial, and for taking great care of Ozzie!

Hi Jackie.
Thought you would enjoy this picture of Ozzie in one of the towers that Lee and Ellie made for him. He is thriving and it's hard to believe he's only been here for six short weeks. He has a great personality, follows us all around like a puppy, and is truly part of the family.
The best part is that many of our friends who suffer from cat allergies are able to be with him with no problem. In fact more than one is considering a Siberian Forest cat. Of course, we will send them to Inspurrations!
We will be in touch later in the summer when he is neutered. Until then, we just wanted to say thank you for everything!

Inspurrations Motley, also seen in the litter born 12/9/12, has grown into a beautiful boy! He is an equal opportunity lap cat, as you will see below, giving and getting lots of love! Thanks so much, Nicole and Sean, for taking great care of him, and for sending in the great photos, testimonial and accolades :). Cant wait to see a video of him doing his tricks in the future!


Motley recently turned 6 months old, and earlier this week he got neutered. Would you like his neuter certificate mailed to you, or should I attach it to an e-mail?
Motley is doing absolutely wonderful and he is so perfect. From the moment you put him in my arms he has been not just a pet, but a family member. He does absolutely everything with us, from working on the computer to even opening the bathroom door! He sleeps in his bed at the end of our bed, but always ends up taking over my pillow before the night is over! He is VERY smart- he fetches toys, and currently is learning to sit and give paw with the help of some turkey! He is also very cuddly- if you sit on the couch with a blanket he will be on your lap purring in seconds. Motley has filled the empty spot in my heart from losing my last cat, and has gone above and beyond my expectations thanks to you and how well you raised him! Thank you so much!
Some recent pictures of him are attached!
Sincerely, Nicole Orlosky and Sean Smith

Inspurrations Lucy, also seen in the litter born 2/17/12, has grown into a gorgeous girl! She is entertaining her humans and getting lots of love scratches in return! Thanks so much, Barbara, for sending in these great photos and testimonial, and of course for taking great care of Lucy!

Hi Jackie!  Hope all is well!  Lucy is doing great!  She is a beautiful cat and full of personality.  She's still and talker and squeaks and squacks and murmurs and chirps all day long.  She even does a silent meow which is my favorite.   She also has a very expressive meow when she is not happy like when she wants to go into our shared front hall to our apartment.  If we pick her up to bring her into our apartment she meows in much disapproval!  It's really funny. She's about 9-10 lbs now.  We just love her to death!  She loves to knock stuff off tables but never fragile things.  She always meets us at the front door when we come home every time!  Once we come in she meows and throws her self to the floor belly up and stretches so we pet her belly.  She sleeps on her back with one paw up too like a flag.  She is very good a stalking prey and has to do a tumble dive roll when she catches her prey landing on her back so she can chew on whatever it is she caught. 

Inspurrations Fina and Noel, also seen in the litters born 9/3/12 and 11/1/12, are growing into beautiful girls! They are loving to have each other as a playmate, even though they came from different litters and went home at different times, but are still entertaining and loving their humans! Thank you so much, Amanda and Will, for sending this happy update, for the adorable pics and for taking great care of them!

Hi Jackie,

I've been meaning to send you a couple of adorable pictures of the girls so I attached a few I love. I also just wanted to say thank you so much for assuring me that getting Noel a buddy was a good idea. The girls are amazing together. They make us laugh every day. When I did my research on Siberians we read that they were "dog-like", but I had no idea just how true that was until we got our gorgeous girls. They wake us up each morning right before our alarm, they greet us at the door, they play fetch, they "talk" to us (especially Fina - I swear, we have entire conversations sometimes!), and they are more affectionate then I have ever known a cat to be.

Thanks so much for bringing Fina and Noel into our lives, we are obsessed!

Amanda and Will

Inspurrations Misty and Muffin, also seen in the litter born 5/13/12, are showing off their smarts (they may even become psychologists! ;)) while growing into gorgeous girls! Siberians love company; they have each other when their humans aren't home, and they entertain their humans when they are! Thanks so much, Donna, for sending in this wonderful testimonial, sweet photos and for taking great care of Misty and Muffin!

Dear Jackie,
I want to thank you so much for the two wonderful cats that I have, Misty and Muffin. I love them more than words can say! You did a great a job breeding and socializing them. They are so beautiful (everyone says so!) and so sweet. I am so glad that I got two – they keep each other company and keep me entertained. They are affectionate and extremely intelligent. They have both learned to walk on a harness, and now love going outside (they actually cry at the door to go once their harnesses are on!). They also go out for walks together in their cat stroller. I am about to begin clicker-training them, and I have very high hopes for this given my experiences with them so far. I am also going to work on getting them used to traveling in a car, and all of this is done to keep them stimulated, and to possibly have at least one of them become a therapy cat (not sure yet if that will work). But don’t worry – they don’t just work all the time! They have plenty of time for playing, getting petted, eating, and sleeping! They are both great purr-ers! I keep up to date with your website, and believe it or not, have seriously considered getting one or two more at some point in the future. They have brought me great joy and you can rest assured that they are very happy in their forever home! I thank you so much for making that possible.
- Donna
10 ½ weeks old, on day they came to their forever home
6 months old, Christmas photo card
9 months old, cuddling together
1 yr. old, walking on their harnesses

Inspurrations Lucy, also seen in the litter born 3/30/11, has grown into a gorgeous girl! She is acting like the purrfect big and little sister! Giving love, and being loved! Thank you so much, Ashlyn and Renee, for sending in this absolutely adorable testimonial and for taking great care of Lucy!

Hello, I'm Renee Smith's daughter, Ashlyn. I just thought I would give you an update on Lucy. We bought her two years ago, she was born at the end of March. We absolutely adore her!!! Hope you like our pics!

Loves my baby sister!
This is the most recent! She loves to be around everyone. She follows us all over the house!
When she was only a few months old...

Inspurrations Freddie, pictured as a young growing baby below, is looking adorable and also allowing someone with allergies to have a wonderful kitty companion! Thanks so much, Andrea, for sending in this adorable photo / happy update, and for taking great care of Freddie!

Hey Jackie!
Today Freddie got fixed so I attached the receipt. You wouldn't know anything happened to him today. The vet absolutely loves him and they said he kept them entertained. One of the vet techs said she only has dogs and Freddie is the only cat she's ever liked. He has been doing great and getting big. He pretty much rules our house and pounces on the dogs all the time. He is so fearless! Joe hasn't had any allergy problems with him.
Andrea Cannon

Inspurrations Pi and Mu, seen in the litters born 3/27/12 and 10/17/12, are having a great time and performing for their humans regularly! They are growing into beautiful girls. Thank you so much, Nana, for taking great care of these girls and for taking / sending in these hysterical photos and update!

Just wanted to share with you some pictures of the two funniest, cutest cats we've ever had, and the most entertaining to boot!
Will keep in touch!

Inspurrations Yorgi, also seen in the litter born 3/8/12, is making someone with allergies and his family very happy! He has grown into a gorgeous man, very much resembling his father Zhenya! Thank you so much, Becky, for taking and sending in these wonderful photos, for the happy update and for taking wonderful care of Yorgi!

Hi Jackie,

I just wanted to give you an update on Yorgi. He turned 1 on March 8th. He's so much fun! He loves to play with his springs, ball in the round track and twisty ties of all things. He also loves to be chased. I never imagined that we would be able to have a kitty since my husband can't be around cats but he's never had an issue with Yorgi. Our daughter loves making videos with Yorgi as the star. He's a joy to be around and absolutely gorgeous!

Thanks again for being an email away with such great advice!

All the best,

Inspurrations Boris, also seen in the litter born 10/17/12, is looking adorable in his kitten poses below! He is allowing people who have allergies to have an amazing fur ball to love! Thank you so much, Carol, for taking great care of Boris and for sending in this happy update and adorable photos!

Hi Jackie!
Boris has been with us almost 2 months and we can't imagine life without him!
He's growing fast and so much fun. My husband and father-in-law have had no allergy problems at all with him. Meanwhile we have been having so much fun.
The kids love him but he is my special pal. He is playful, affectionate and so beautiful. Truly the most amazing, special cat....Here are some recent photos. Feel free to use any of them if you'd like! We just adore him so much.
Thank you!!

Inspurrations Calexico, also seen in the litter born 1/14/11, is pictured here at 2 years old! He has grown into a gorgeous guy! He is enjoying his TV shows, as well as all his toys and all the love he gets from his mom and dad, Kathy and Damian. Thank you both so much for the accolades, the wonderful photos/testimonial, and for thoroughly spoiling Calexico (as every kitty deserves)! :)

Hi Jackie,  
Today is Calexico's second birthday and we could not be more thrilled to have him here. We have a hard time believing he has been here for almost 2 years. To start out with, we had lost our 16 year old Persian cat Calypso in late 2010 and missed him dearly. After much discussion, we decided to look for a new kitten, one with much of the characteristics of Calypso. We researched and came to the conclusion that a Siberian kitten would be our best bet because of both their personality and hypoallergenic coats. We perused our options and liked your website best. Your communication with us from the start was phenomenal and we could feel how much you cared about both your cats and kittens. We always felt we didn't choose Calexico but he chose us. Calexico has been fantastic in every sense and we couldn't love him any more than we do. He is very smart, playful and unique, as we laugh at him and his antics all the time. He treats me as the parent and Kathy as his playmate and she loves him greeting us at the door. Everybody that meets him just gushes over how handsome he has become and we love how he looks so much like his mom. He is curious about everything, loves to watch people outside and sniffs everything in sight, though going places really is not his thing. He is also very spoiled, as his favorite things are his cubes, his perch and his tree which he is very protective and also has a strange fascination with the television where he paws at the screen with the moving characters. In regards to toys, he loves balls and straws to bat around. Also another unique trait is that he likes to tap you to get your attention just like he did in his kitten picture with his mother. Calexico is a very good boy and definitely has a healthy appetite. He is actually tapping me now to give him a treat and how can I refuse him on his birthday. Jackie you did a great job raising him before he came to us and we thank you for it.
Kathy and Damian

Inspurrations Sugar and Inspurrations Spice, also seen on the photo pages in the litter born 8/14/11, are everything nice! They have grown into beautiful kitties and are enjoying entertaining their humans, and being adored by them! They are also providing someone with allergies two wonderful companions. Thanks so much, Robyn and Ira, for taking such purrfect care of them and for sending in this wonderful testimonial / beautiful photo updates!

To: Jackie
From: Robyn & Ira Frank

Date: December 17, 2012


I meant to get this out to you for Sugar and Spice’s first birthday on 8/14/12, but we’ve been busy and it has been difficult to find the time to sit down and tell you about our amazing kitty cats.
Sugar, our beautiful tabby boy, is a credit to his name- he’s a complete mush. From what I have read about Siberians, Sugar is very unusual. He’s a sensitive soul who is most comfortable with his sister Spice and his human family. When visitors come, Sugar stays away. But when it’s just the family he is loves to talk, follow us around, cuddle and play. His most favorite person in the world is Daddy Ira. They do everything together from playing cards to watching football to grabbing an afternoon nap.
Spice, our gorgeous colorpoint, is another story completely. She is the mayor of the house. She likes to run everything and make sure that she doesn’t miss anything. At any given moment you can find her in my daughter’s room lounging on her special pillow or cuddling up to me while I am trying to get things done at my desk. While Sugar likes to sleep with mom and dad, Spice is a shameless bed hopper! She also plays hostess when we have visitors- the more, the merrier.

Perhaps the sweetest thing of all is the love that our kitties have for each other. Two cats are so much better than one. I cannot begin to tell you how much joy we get from watching them play, groom and love each other. Bringing these two angels into our home was one of the best decisions we ever made.

Lastly, as an allergy sufferer, I am so grateful that the Siberian breed exists. It has been well over a year and I am fine. Normally, I experience major sneezing, itchy eyes, etc. These are simply the perfect cats. Thank you Jackie for doing such a wonderful job and for being so supportive from the moment we brought them home. I am enclosing some pictures so you can see how magnificent Sugar & Spice are as adult cats.

All the best,


Inspurrations Sebastian, also seen on the NJ location photo page area in the litter born 5/31/12, is growing into a handsome boy and looking adorable as ever in the interim! He is loving his humans to pieces and getting tons of love in return. Thanks so much, Michelle and Steven, for sending in this happy update, adorable pics, and for taking great care of him!

Hey there, sending you a scan of Sebastian Neuter Certificate. Hope you can open the file, if not I can send it in another format. Just an update, Sebastian is doing extremely well. We have had no problems with him so far, whatsoever. He is neat, cuddly, playful and affectionate. We love him to pieces! He perfectly completes our little family. :) I'll send some updated photos of him as well in a separate email. He is getting so big now, and fluffy! 6.5 lbs and 7months old. Lil beast. :) I know I'm biased but he is literally the CUTEST cat ever! We are so happy with him. Thank you for bringing him into the world and subsequently into ours. Talk to to you soon.

~Michelle & Steve Graham

Inspurrations Pasquale, also seen on the kitten photo pages in the litter born 5/13/12, is pictured here at 5 months old, and looking adorable! He is giving someone with allergies the opportunity to love a kitty, and bringing joy overall! Thanks so much, Klaire, for sending these super cute photo updates, for your kind words, and for taking such great care of Pasquale!


Thank you soo much for everything!! Pasquale is such a blessing! I couldn't have asked for a better gift in my life. My family is happy all the time and he brings us all together. You really do an amazing thing! Thanks again for everything!


Inspurrations Meeka, Blue Silver McTabby, and Inspurrations Max, Black Silver McTabby, also seen in the litter born 5/13/12, are still pictured in kittenhood below but adorable and growing into beautiful kitties! They are being loved, in their home in PA, by both their humans and their feline friend Pickles! Thank you so much, Sharon, for taking and sending these super cute pictures, for sending in the very happy testimonial, and, of course, for taking wonderful care of these sweeties!

Hi Jackie!
I hope you are well. I am attaching scans of the spay and neuter certificates for Max and Meeka. Let me know if you have any trouble reading them. They are both doing very well! If you can send the TICA papers, that would be great. I have a testimonial for you below if you care to use it.

I keep tabs on your website and it looks like you have had lots of great new kitties. Of course, like everyone tells you about their own, none of the new kitties are as wonderful and perfect as our Max and Meeka. They are truly the sweetest, smartest and most beautiful kittens in the world!

Every day my husband and I laugh at all their antics, and we can't believe how much fun they are. If it's possible, their temperaments are even more amazing than their beauty. They immediately wanted to make friends with our cat, Pickles, and were very friendly and respectful to her until she decided she loves them as much as we do. Now they all sleep together and have a great time chasing and pouncing. If they get too rambunctious, she will put them in line, but they are so cute about "apologizing" by trying to kiss and make up. They seem to really worship her (which she loves). We are so pleased they get along so well, and we can see how happy Pickles is once again, having lost her brother earlier this year. That is the best part of all.

Max learned to fetch the first week he came home, bringing us everything from soft squishy balls and feathers on a stick (he carries the whole stick in his mouth!) to his favorite, a fake furry mouse. You were right about the straws while they were teething, and they continue to be favorite toys. Max purrs instantly as soon as you touch him! Meeka loves to carry things around too, but she hasn't quite learned the art of bringing it back yet! She is still the brave one but also very gentle and loving. Meeka makes the cutest cooing noises when you hold her, just like a little dove. She is also convinced she wants to get in the shower (while it's running), but is satisfied with exploring it thoroughly after we get out! Max is the sweetest little guy ever, who switches between cuddling and wanting to be chased and playing tag. He's my bed-bug, sleeping under the covers with me for hours every night. You really raise wonderful kittens, Jackie!

Everyone tells us they are both "model" kitties--they are so beautiful they should be on kitten commercials and in magazine ads. At the vet's office, we are known as the "couple with the Siberians." The office has never seen the breed before and they are completely enamored with them. It takes us an extra 15 minutes just to get out of there because employees want to hold them, kiss them goodbye and fawn all over them! They are both extremely healthy and are recovering well from their spay/neuter surgeries. I have attached a few photos for you so you can see how big they are! I can't believe how light Max is getting--he's a beautiful silver! And Meeka is gorgeous, you can't see it in these pictures, but the fur on her back is an amazing salt and pepper / blue mixture that I have never seen before, it's really stunning.

Thank you for your time and attention during the adoption process, and for the weekly photos you sent us--it really made the process fun and special. I thought I would burst waiting for them to finally come home, but it was worth the wait. They are both the most amazing kitties and we love them! Thanks again for everything, and for our wonderful new family members.
Take Care!

Inspurrations Meeka!
Inspurrations Max!

Inspurrations Mila, also seen in the litter born 8/16/11, is growing into a beautiful girl! She is making a family with allergies very happy too! She is giving lots of love and getting lots of love in return! Thank you so much, Erin and Tom, for taking such wonderful care of Mila, and for taking/sending these adorable photos and very sweet testimonial!

Hi Jackie,
Hope you are having a nice summer! I wanted to send an update on Mila since her 1st birthday is this week. She has grown into a beautiful 9 lb. girl and continues to be a wonderful kitten- extremely affectionate and playful! She loves chasing tinsel pom-pom balls and lounging on her window perch to watch the city traffic below. Mila is waiting at the door every night when I get home from work- I can hear her start to meow as soon as my key hits the lock. Without fail she flops on the ground, rolls, and purrs when I walk in! I could not have asked for a better kitten- she is absolutely perfect and so sweet!
As for my boyfriend's allergies, he continues to have zero reaction to Mila. He loves playing and cuddling with her- I even catch them napping together sometimes! It amazes me that Mila truly is hypoallergenic- she is such a blessing and has brought both of us so much love!
I've attached some recent pictures. Please feel free to use my photos and/or note as a testimonial on your site.
Thank you again for such a wonderful kitten!
Erin (and Tom)

Inspurrations Leo, also seen in the litter born 10/27/11, is growing into such a handsome man and has a family who adores him! He is also helping someone that is allergic, and his family, have the kitty of their dreams! Thanks so much, Monica, Jim and Dominic, for taking and sending this wonderful picture, for the happy update!, and for taking great care of Leo!

Dear Jacqueline,
We had Leo neutered last week and we have attached the paperwork for you. Please send us the paperwork to have Leo registered with the TICA.
We wanted to say thank you again for Leo. He is such a wonderful addition to our family. He is such a joy to have in our lives. My husband has cat allergies and is just amazed that he hasn’t suffered any allergy symptoms like he does with other cats. We all think it’s a miracle and wished we had found out about Siberians earlier.
Leo just loves to hang out with whoever is at home. He particularly loves to spend time in the basement exploring and hustles down there as soon as the door is opened. If my husband and son go down to the basement without Leo, he sits by the basement door and cries until someone lets him down. I call it male bonding time.
Leo greets the first person who awakes in the morning and wants to be petted and scratched. He also greets the first person home in the afternoon, even if we awaken him from his nap, again to be petted and scratched. He is such a personable cat who loves people. He just wants to be where the action is.
Leo is growing so big and handsome. He loves his cat food. He can hear the can open or smell the food from anywhere in the house and just can’t wait for his food dish to be set in front of him. Leo snuggles up to whoever is preparing his food.
We all enjoy playtime with Leo. My husband will even delay going to work some mornings to have some ‘playtime’ with him. Leo’s hunting instincts are great and we get a kick out of hiding his toys behind the hassock for him to stalk. He wiggles his bottom and then pounces. Leo is so curious about anything that is new. He is also quite the climber and has no trouble getting to the top of his kitty condo.
My son and I fight over who gets to have Leo on our lap to pet and snuggle. Leo is one beloved kitten. We are so fortunate to have such a great cat. Thank you Inspurrations for taking care of Leo until we could bring him home.
Monica, Jim & Dominic

Inspurrations Percy, also seen in the litter born 3/21/11, has grown into a very handsome boy! He is enjoying life with his wonderful parents and his canine buddy Dyson! This funny update and adorable pics were sent in by and credited to Eryn Elkin. Thanks so much, Eryn and Jake, for sending this wonderful update, taking great pics and for taking purrfect care of Percy!

Hi Jackie,
Just wanted to let you know how Percy is doing. He just turned 1 year old last week. We cannot believe how quickly the time flew. He is the best kitten ever...Jake and I both believe that he will always be a kitten in our eyes. He definitely has the personality of one. Percy is the sweetest, most playful, and most affectionate cat we have every encountered. He waits for us to sit on the couch, and meows at us until we do. He jumps on our laps immediately, and purrs for hours. Jake spends more time on the couch after a long day at work than I do, and Percy is well aware of this detail. He gets so excited when Jake gets home, and he gets to plop on his lap. Percy lovessss his food and makes purring noises while eating. We think it is hilarious, because I make noises when I have great food too! He does this thing when we unload the dishwasher, where he purrs and shakes/shudders at the same time. We think the noise it too loud for him. We call it "percing" or "purrcing". It has become a typical verb in our household. We use it almost everyday! He is great with our dog, Dyson. Since both of them are so young, they are extremely playful. We spend hours photographing them doing silly things. We really think they belong in a calender. Percy mounts Dyson on the bed and wrestles him. Dyson just lets Percy attack, until he gets tired of it. Thanks so much for bringing such a loving creature into our lives! Feel free to use this email if you'd like. If not, no worries! I will attach some pictures and a picture of him celebrating his birthday with a cat cupcake.
Hope all is well,
Eryn Elkin (and Jake)
Percy enjoying his birthday cake!

Inspurrations Leo, also seen on the kittens for sale page in the litter born 11/13/10, has grown into a beautiful boy! He is taking good care of his humans (as you will hear below), and they are of course taking great care of him! These wonderful photos were taken by and credited to Melanie in PA. Thanks so much for sending them, and for the very happy update!

Hi Jackie - Hope you are well! Leo is so cuddly and sweet. He is still very chatty - we all carry on conversations with him. Everyone, including our vet, is amazed at how beautiful, big and sweet he is. His coat is gorgeous! He's very smart - plays fetch, waits at the door for us to come home, knows when someone needs special attention. We love him. Thanks for checking in and by all means share our photos and note. - Melanie

Inspurrations Kuma, also seen on the kitten photo 1 page in the litter born 5/30/11, is growing into a handsome little guy! He is waiting for a sibling to be born so he can have a playmate in the near future! His fur has developed gorgeous tones! He is allowing someone with asthma to have the pet of her dreams! The photos below were taken by and are credited to Misari in PA. Thank you so much, Misari, for sending these adorable pictures and wonderful update about Kuma!


I hope that you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I just wanted to give you an update on Kuma! He is up to date on his shots and was neutered on the 23rd without any complications. I have gone scanned and attached the invoice to this email. Please let me know if there is anything else that you need! The phone number to the veterinary clinic is also on the document.

Kuma is absolutely wonderful! He is very loving and sweet with a bit of a mischevious side. As he grows each day he finds something new for me to kitten proof that he couldn't reach a few days before. Now that he is able to jump on top of our dressers and shoe cabinet, he has become fascinated with knocking everything he finds onto the ground. He knocks my keys on the ground and watches them fall and then moves on to the pens then on to whatever else might be up there. I don't even bother looking on top of the cabinet for my keys anymore because I know I'll find them sitting the ground!

As for my allergies and asthma, I have yet to have any sort of reaction to him. It is really nice to not have to worry about itchy eyes and a runny nose, especially since I often wake up with him curled up right next to my pillow, sometimes even sleeping right against my face!

I am truly thankful to have Kuma in my life and I thank you tremendously for bringing him into my life!

--I've attached some pictures to this email as well so you can see how he is growing! He seems to be developing a coloring similar to his mother's. His longer furs look to be a orangish/golden tone on the inside. Or maybe they're brown? Either way he's growing up handsomely!


Inspurrations Bentley, pictured in the litter born 5/14/10, has grown into such a handsome boy! He is being loved by someone who has friends with allergies, and those friends do not have to sneeze when they visit! The photos were sent in by and credited to Linda Wozniak. Thank you so much for all the accolades, and giving Bentley all the love he can handle!

Hi Jackie,

I wanted to take the time to thank you again for Bentley!  He is the most caring, sweet little boy in the world.  I grew up with cats all my life and he was the EASIEST kitten from the moment I brought him home.  He fit right into my apartment and bonded with me and my rabbit, Wilbur, immediately.  He is so affectionate and holds whole conversations with me daily.  He’s more like a dog then a cat at times, always waiting for me at the door, playing fetch, and just generally being happy and cuddling.           
He also lives up to his promise to be hypo-allergenic.  I’ve had many friends who are allergic come over, and not only can they be in the apartment with him, but they can pet and hold him and not have a reaction.          
Thank you so much for taking care of him for the first 9 weeks of his life and helping him become the sweetest cat in the world!                                                                            
Linda Wozniak

Inspurrations Baxter, also seen in the litter born 11/13/10 on the kitten photo pages, has grown into a stunning boy! He is allowing people who never could have a cat before, due to allergies, to have an amazing, soft and cuddly pet who they adore! He adores them too! These photos were taken by and credited to Jennie. Thanks so much to both of you, Jennie and Scott, for the photos, the praise, the tips for people who read this post, and, of course, for taking great care of Baxter!

Dear Jackie,
We recently celebrated Baxter's first birthday, and I wanted to finally
write you a testimonial. He was born on my birthday last year (2010), and I
have to say, he's the best present I've ever gotten! My husband Scott has
always had many allergies, and I remember how disappointed I was when I met him and found out he couldn't be around cats. Not only couldn't he tolerate being near cats, but within a few hours of being in a house that had cats, he'd have to leave. When we found out about Siberians, I was ecstatic at the possibility of owning a cat again. I've grown up with them and I was pretty lost without one. We were skeptical about whether or not Scott would really not have any allergy to this cat, so we approached everything with cautious optimism.
I still remember how tiny Baxter looked when you brought him out to our car
for the allergy test (all 1.6 pounds of him!). An hour later, I was thanking
God that Scott showed no sign of being allergic, because we'd already fallen
in love with him! We started him off in our small guest room at home, with
food and a litterbox, a cozy cat bed, and the guest bed to retreat under
when he got scared and needed that feeling of security. Two days later, you
could have never known we'd just brought him back. He was sleeping on
Scott's shoulder on the couch (quite impossible now), had the run of the
house, and seemed completely comfortable with the place.
Baxter's definitely the most fearless and friendliest cat I've ever owned.
I've grown up adopting rescue cats so I never had a reason to get a purebred
cat until Scott's allergy. While they were all wonderful, loving cats, there
were certain things that made them a bit cautious or skeptical of certain
people or situations, possibly due to a history that I didn't know about.
Baxter, however, has never had any reason to distrust or be afraid. It's
certainly obvious that you raise these kittens with a loving hand, Jackie.
We moved to a larger house this year and I had a big party last week, and
amid all the chaos, Baxter was running around, hopping in laps, rubbing up
against peoples' hands, and then finally went to sleep on the floor smack in
the middle of it all. He absolutely loves new people. We've actually had to
hold him when someone comes to do work or inspect something on the house, because Baxter is constantly underfoot trying to get their attention!
Baxter has grown into a big, beautiful boy. He's 12 lbs right now and his
weight has seemed to stabilize for the time being. We let him sleep on our
bed at night because he sleeps through the entire night with us and has
never woken us up. (We will find the occasional toy that he's dragged up
there with him, though!) He never bothers us for table food, and we have
never given him any. We have two cockatiels as well, and he rarely shows
interest in them. This is something we were initially very nervous about,
since they're small, defenseless birds. Eventually we did buy Innotek SSSCAT
motion detectors recommended by Animal Planet as a safe, acceptable way to deter his attention from the birds, as he did get occasionally excited over
them (what kitten wouldn't?). The Ssscat gives off a puff of pressurized air
when the cat gets too close. Baxter's smart and quickly got the idea! I'm
perfectly comfortable leaving them alone all day together. He often sleeps
near the cage just because he likes being in that room, and the birds show
no distress at all over him anymore.
Baxter did like the spring toys, but his favorites have always been the
Mylar balls from Petco, especially the small ones (http://www.petco.com/Shop/Product.aspx?sku=732850). When he was a little
younger, these kept him busy for hours and hours. Now that he's a bit older
and stronger, we bought "Da Bird" (http://www.amazon.com/Bird-Cat-Toy-Easy-Store/dp/B000F9JJJE) for him, which I think is the best cat feather toy on the market. He goes nuts for this thing. He can hear when we're taking it out of the closet and already he's all excited to play with it. Siberians can really jump! He literally does backflips 3-4 feet in the air going after that toy!
Baxter has brought us more happiness than I can really even express. We love him so much, and he's become an integral part of our family. Thank you for your patience and kindness and for answering all of our many questions along the way. Thank you for all of the photo updates you sent us every couple weeks as Baxter was growing up! I was literally counting down the days until we got to come take him home! If you ever have someone who wants references
you can direct them to me!
Happy Holidays!
Jennie, Scott & Baxter :)

Inspurrations Bergen, also seen in the litter born 8/19/10, has recently celebrated his first birthday and is turning into such a handsome boy! He is having a ton of fun being loved and spoiled by his new family. These photos were taken by and credited to Alison in NY. Thanks so much for sending the adorable photos, wonderful testimonial, and taking great care of Bergen!
Hi Jackie-
We celebrated Bergen turning 1 year old today, I can't believe how fast
this year went. I remember when you emailed me that he was born and we
were all so excited to get him home with us. He has been such an amazing
cat, he is loving, playful and very affectionate. He is a biter, likes
to chew the girls stuffed animals, blankets, socks and shoe laces, we
are hoping he will outgrow this soon. He loves sitting on our laps and
being pet, he has is such a loud purrrrr. He generally sleeps right in
between my husband and I at night, which is very cute.
My daughters love playing with him, and he has the cutest routine when I
put my older daughter to bed, he lies on her bed with us while I read a
book, and when we are done reading the book I turn the lights out to lie
with her for a few minutes and we talk about our day. When it is time
for me to leave, I say to Bergen "Are you ready to go now" and he gives
me this tired look and says "Meowwwww" my daughter laughs she thinks it
is so funny. He would love to stay in her room with her all night, but
she can't settle herself down to fall asleep with him in there.
I wanted to thank you for all of your help the first few weeks he was
home with us, you were so helpful in finding ways for him to come out
and play with us, if you remember he was so scared and was hiding and
wanted nothing to do with us the first few days. You kept on emailing
and texting us with hints and encouragement and that made the first few
days so much easier for us. The straw was what finally got him to come
out and play with us. Now he is a complete part of our family and it is
so nice.
I attached 3 pictures from today, the first one is of his "cake" that my
daughters wanted to make him to celebrate, soft cat food surrounded by
hard cat food and treats, you can see he is sitting in the chair looking
at the cake and candle. We sang happy birthday to him and my daughters
blew out the candle. There are also a few other photos of him today as
well as one from the first weekend he came home, he is huge compared to
that photo, he is now 11lbs.
He is such an amazing cat, and I wanted to thank you once again for
Alison, Andrew, Kaia and Marin L - NY
Bergen shortly after he first arrived at his new home!

Inspurrations Jasper, also seen on the kitten photos page in the litter born 6/6/10, is turning into a very handsome man, and has a beautiful color! These photos were taken and credited to Lynne. Thank you so much for the beautiful photos, wonderful, complimentary update and taking great care of Jasper....never forgetting to give him as much attention, love and spoiling as you did the day you got him! :)

Hi Jackie,
I hope you are well! We have had our Jasper just about a year now and he is healthy and happy and so very loved. He is such a wonderful, affectionate, playful member of our family. People often ask me if all Siberian cats are like Jasper, or if we just got lucky. I always answer that I think what happens to a cat when it's just a tiny kitten makes all the difference in the world in forming its personality. We can't thank you enough for all the tender loving care you give your kitties from the time they're first born. Jasper is such a joy and a pleasure to have in our family. Even after this first year we don't take him for granted, but continue every day to feel so appreciative of having him in our lives. (He has come to walk on the keyboard as I type this!)
I'm including some recent pictures of Jasper. Whether his lighter fur is white or pale, pale cream, I still can't decide, but the kids say white! Of course, we think he is magnificent, no matter what color he is!
Warm regards,
Lynne B

Inspurrations Lee Lee, also seen in the litter born 12/29/10, is growing into a beautiful girl and making a family with allergies happy! Thank you, Joel and Katy in PA, for sending this wonderful, entertaining and complimentary update, and for taking / sending these adorable pics! Thanks for taking such great care of this sweet, pretty girl!

Where to start..., Anyone desiring to adopt a loving, beautiful, intelligent kitten can..., forget it, because my wife and I already adopted THE most loving, beautiful, intelligent kitten you could hope for from "Inspurrations Cattery"!! Oh, OK, maybe Jackie has a few left, but none as fantastic as our LeeLee!! Seriously tho, If you believe in great customer service, Jackie is the absolute BEST!! My wife is allergic to cats and our only hope of having a kitten was the Siberian breed. I researched the breed on the Internet and knew it wasn't a 100% guarantee, but we decided to risk it. Jackie was VERY responsive and patient with our needs and questions. She responded promptly to all our e-mails and was a delight to work with!! It was very refreshing to find someone, in this day and age, that still has care and concern for customers. Anyway, after getting our kitten home she has developed into, as I said before, the most loving, beautiful and intelligent kitten ever! My wife had some minor allergic reactions for about 2 weeks, but since, has had no problems whatsoever. The Siberian breed is truly a Godsend for people who are allergic.
LeeLee truly does have "dog like" characteristics, such as fetching and retrieving and greeting you at the door when you come home. LeeLee also likes to greet people by, as I call it, doing barrel rolls!! She simply, flops down in front of you and exposes her belly for rubbing. Very trusting. I should mention that, guys, if you're wife holds that kitten all the way home (3hr trip) like my wife did, it's all over for you!! LeeLee has bonded with my wife and basically follows all over the house! Anyway, thank you, Jackie, for making the adoption of our LeeLee such a wonderful and blessed experience.
Joel & Katy White

Inspurrations Nuka, also seen in the litter born 12/29/10, is growing into a very handsome boy and making a family with allergies happy! These adorable pictures are credited to Nancy Komm in PA. Thank you so much, Nancy, for sending this funny and happy update, and for taking such great care of this wonderful boy!

Dear Jackie

We are SOOOO happy with our Nuka.  It is truly a miracle that we are NOT allergic to this cat because all 4 of us are allergic to all other breeds of cats to some degree!  My husband and daughter have mild allergic reactions, while my son and I have severe allergic reactions to other breeds of cats.  But it really is true that Siberian cats are hypoallergenic, because Nuka is the first cat I’ve ever met who I am not allergic to!!  All 4 of us pet him & hold him & snuggle him right against our faces and have ZERO allergic reactions…it’s really amazing. 
I wanted to give you an update on him now that he’s 5 months old!  Nuka LOVES playing on, climbing on, and sleeping on his 2 cat trees…we have one in the living room and one in our bedroom.  He uses the scratching posts rather than our furniture, which is great.  He hasn’t scratched up any of our furniture or drapes or anything AT ALL!  You must’ve trained him well!  Also, he came home knowing exactly how to use the litter box, just as you said, even though it was a very different type than the ones he was used to using. 
AND, it’s completely true that this breed of cat acts more like a dog than a cat, socially speaking!  Nuka loves to chase the springs when we throw them and has recently started coming to greet us at the door when we return home.  He has even fetched the springs with his teeth a couple of times, but he more often tries to push them back toward us with his two front paws…he’s pretty good with those two front paws…he can pick the spring up between them sometimes & throw it himself!  I would also definitely say that Nuka prefers to be in our company rather than being alone…unless we have company.  And even then, he comes and checks out the visitors before he heads off elsewhere.   He hid & ran from us a lot for the first couple weeks that we had him home, but now he can’t get enough of us!  When it’s any combination of just the 4 of us home, Nuka is always sure to hang out in whatever room we are in, and he always situates himself someplace in the room where he can see all 4 of us…until he gets sleepy, and then he snuggles up next to any one of us.  He LOVES having his face pet.  He will often stick his face right in the palm of our hand again & again to let us know he wants us to pet his face.  Then he purrs like crazy when we pet him.  If he had it his way, we would be petting his face for hours on end every day!  He also loves to have his belly rubbed!  He’ll scamper ahead of you as you walk & throw himself on his back right in front of your feet so that you’ll pet his belly.  And he weaves in between your feet while you walk when he wants you to pick him up.  My daughter is working on teaching him to give what she calls a “high paw” (the kitty version of high five)…he actually does it sometimes, too!  He purrs pretty much every time we pick him up…he really loves human company and is so great with the kids.  When he wants down, he politely meows & we release him. 
A couple of weeks ago, he started a new game that is kind of a cross between hide-and-seek and jumping out to surprise someone!  He likes to jump out from behind something to surprise me, then I take a turn surprising him from around the corner or behind something, then he takes another turn, and so on…he is so smart & very good at taking turns during this game!  He always seems to want to play it at night with me right after I tuck the kids in.  He’s good at it, too…sometimes he really does surprise me! 
Here is another funny story:  My son was playing a video game a couple of months ago in a high-backed chair, and his hair was kind of sticking up in places & a bit messy.  Nuka climbed to the top of the back of his chair and put his paw on Justin’s head & licked his hair into place!  This was so funny to me!  Nuka is so tidy that he even tidied up my son!! 
He seems to love all 4 of us equally and takes turns hanging out with each one of us.  He oversees our tucking in of the kids every night, following us from bedroom to bedroom; and he always patiently allows the kids to give him “one last hug & kiss.”  My husband (who despite his mild cat allergy, grew up with cats his whole life) says he has never ever seen a cat who wants to hang out with people as much as Nuka does, and he says he has never seen a cat as affectionate as Nuka is.  Nuka is especially snuggly when he’s getting sleepy and when he’s just woken up.  In summary:  BEST. KITTY. EVER.  We are 4 people who thought we’d never be able to own a cat due to our terrible allergies, and thanks to you, we have a wonderful pet to love!  He is sooooo sweet!!  Thanks for Nuka, Jackie…we don’t know how we ever managed without him! 
Thanks for everything,
The Komm Family from Pittsburgh
P.S. – Here are a bunch of pictures I took of Nuka today, along with a caption or two for the last few pictures!
Here is Nuka giving our son Justin a “hug!”  Nuka loves to pat the kids’ faces with his paws when they pick him up.  He doesn’t scratch them…just pats them gently on the face with both paws sometimes when they first pick him up!  It seems to be his special greeting for our kids!
Nuka loves to snuggle with our daughter Shannon!  He mostly sleeps on his cat tree at night, but he sometimes opts to sleep on her bed near her feet.
Here’s Nuka’s favorite way to be held by anyone…he loves to be held like a baby!!!

Inspurrations Maxim, aka Inspurrations Baby D in the litter born 11/2/10, is having a ball with his baby buddy in this video below! The video was created, and sent in by Kelli Diodato. Thank you so much, Kelli, for sending this adorable video and happy update!! Thanks for taking such great care of the cutie boy!

I thought you would enjoy this video. Feel free to use it in any way you choose. We LOVE Maxim (Baby D. born 11/02/10). He is the best cat EVER! He is so loving. My husband says ,"How can he purr that long?" He makes rounds at night, saying goodnight to the three kids, then again in the morning. The kids fight over who gets to feed him "Kitty Breakfast". He is constantly playing with the kids (as you can see). We love his playful side-he's so fun! Thanks again! Kelli Diodato

Click here to check out this video!