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Inspurrations, a TICA registered Cattery, breeds quality line Siberian cats in a cage free, loving home environment! Please enjoy a visit to our Siberian kittens for sale, and other photo pages, as well as our new online store Inspurrations Outpost!

Our stud, Shadowlawn Boris of Inspurrations, was born on September 30, 2007. His beautiful looks, intelligence and extremely sweet and loving disposition have inspired us to open Inspurrations Cattery, located in East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania.

Our first queens, Miakoschka Liliya of Inspurrations. Miakoschka Coorah of Inspurrations, Miakoschka Keli of Inspurrations and Sonshanley Lollita of Inspurrations, arrived from Australia on May 9th! Liliya (named in honor of my respected mentor, Lillian Narramore) is a Black McTabby with White who has a gorgeous face and beautiful coloring. Coorah (an Australian name meaning “a woman”) is a Black Silver McTorbie with White. She looks all “woman” in her first photo (click on “The Queens” link), appearing to be walking down a runway, ready to win the fashion show with her stunning beauty! In fact she went to her first cat show on October 4th and 5th, made it to four finals! and was second best in Allbreed in one of those four finals! Keli (an Australian name) is a Black McTorbie, also with spectacular looks and coloring and Lollita is a Silver McTabby who is as affectionate as she is adorable! All of them come from grand champion lines!

Kokopellies Lena of Inspurrations, a Colorpoint, and Kokopellies Sonya of Inspurrations, a Brown McTabby came to us from California. Both Lena and Sonya come from supreme grand champion lines and have champion looks to prove it!   

Nikarl Marina of Inspurrations, a Colorpoint, came to us from Grand Rapids, Ohio with a purrfect personality to match her adorable face and comes from quadruple grand champion lines!

Our gorgeous addition from Georgia, Shadowlawn Mika of Inspurrations, a Brown McTabby with White, is from triple grand champion lines!! Mika is a sweetheart with beautiful tabby markings!

Sonshanley Jarinka of Inspurrations and Sonshanley Natasha of Inspurrations arrived on April 4, 2009 from Australia! Jarinka is a gorgeous solid Blue and Natasha is a Black Silver McTorbie. Jarinka is 2 years old and a double grand champion! Both come from grand champion lines! See pictures of Jarinka and Natasha on the "Queens" page!

Siberians are known to be 90% hypoallergenic. If you, your children, other family members or your close friends who visit are allergic to cats and, as a result, you have been unable to keep a pet or provide a pet for your children, you have come to the right place! We can send you a fur sample in the mail to assess your response to the fur of this breed before you reserve a kitten. Siberians are known to have a dog-like personality. Generally, they love to play fetch, come when you call them and do not run to hide under the bed when you have company! Siberians have long hair. Their coats are resistant to matting, requiring minimal grooming, and they generally shed only twice a year for approximately 10 days. There is minimal shedding in between. Siberians are truly the perfect cat!

You can watch how our beautiful, quality line Siberians have grown by clicking on "The Stud" and "The Queens" links to view their photos, as well as click on other links to get information on the breed and caring for your new kitten. I will be adding new information to the site regularly. 

To reserve a kitten or for more information, please email Jacqueline Margulies (note: name change from Jacqueline Bonilla to Jacqueline Margulies) at siberians@inspurrations.com.

Pricing on our Siberians are:
Pet Quality: 1100.00
Show/Alter Quality: 1300.00
Breeding Quality: 1800.00
Shipping or door to door delivery is available. Additional fees apply.

Mailing Address and Phone Contact Info:
Jacqueline Margulies, Inspurrations Cattery, PO Box 376, Shawnee on Delaware, PA 18356, email: siberians@inspurrations.com phone: 973-851-3154

The kittens are having a ball at Inspurrations Cattery!

See Ozzy going for the ball!
Got it! Yes!

Our cats are never caged. They have full run of either the first or second floors of the house. They additionally now have 7 special rooms dedicated to kitten raising, playing and training. Every room has a great window view!

Please see photos of our brand new training rooms below! We are waiting for some cat art to be delivered and hung, and I will take new pics after that art is up on the walls, but here they are for now!

This is the new upstairs back room! The lattice windows you see in the rooms are to allow heat into every room, and allows moms and kittens to slowly get used to each other's company so that I can sometimes open the doors between rooms (especially for moms who get along well)! There is also a ceiling area in this room (the area in front of the door) that has lattice for heat circulation, with a screen tightly running across underneath, so the kittens and moms can walk on it above, but not let their paws fall through the one inch lattice holes. The kittens have been having an awesome time with their scratching post trees! Running up and down them, and even sitting on top in the leaves!
This is the other side of the back room. We have custom made shelves for them running from wall to wall. The kittens love to run around and/or sleep on them!
And we have smaller step up shelves for the smaller ones to get to an even better window view!
This is our upstairs "left" room! This photo gives you a good idea of how the 4 upstairs rooms are set up. You can see the door (towards the back of the room) to the "back" room that is seen above. You can see the stairs to the loft (pics of the loft will follow). And you can see the door (at least the doorknob) to the upstairs "front" room (pics of the front room also to follow).
View from the other side
You can see one of the lattice windows to the loft, and see the large ceiling area in front of the window that moms and kittens in this room (once they are old enough to climb the stairs) can walk, nap or play on.
Here is a close up of the ceiling area
Here are the stairs to the loft. We had a plexiglass window installed in the door, and to the right of the door (notice in front of which is another smaller ceiling area), so that the moms and babies have a great view of the outside from this room too!
Inside the loft! There are two additional lattice windows that look into the upstairs "front" room.
Other side of the room
There is also a custom shelf that goes wall to wall in this room, as well as other shelves, and step up smaller shelves to help the kittens get up there.
Looking out of the loft
Our upstairs "front" room!
Here you can see the lattice windows to the loft
View of the other side. There is a wall to wall shelf in this room as well, and a step up shelf

Pictures of our new downstairs rooms will be posted soon!

See our very first, original rooms below prior to our remodeling below!

This was the downstairs front cat room from 3 different angles............

This was the downstairs back cat room. The kittens love looking at themselves in the mirror closet doors! And notice the kitten looking through the glass door into the front room in the second picture.......................

This was the upstairs front cat room from 3 different angles............
And here was our upstairs back room from 3 different angles....................

The owners of Inspurrations Cattery, pictured 9/4/09!